Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weeks End

Today we hit the final two Spiritual Gifts that we will be looking at in our series, Prophecy and Tongues. both have become very controversial as there is much confusion attached to each of them. For some reason I like tackling the issue that have brought confusion and controversy to the church at large. Addressing the issues that typically get ignored in scripture. I enjoy watching God move in such a way that people leave at the very least with something to chew on.

As we covered Tongues and Prophecy today the body seamed to be a little more in tune than usual, I noticed more people then usual writing references down and taking notes. After service many told me that this morning was the first time that they had heard these gifts addressed in depth from a pulpit. I realize that it's probably not what you typically focus on when your trying to evangelize the world and grow your church, but even despite that we had many come to the Lord. God is good, He is so faithful.

On a final note, prayer tonight was great. I love the fact that so many at Kingsfield realize the importance of prayer.. Not only is there the Sunday night group but also the Saturday morning men's and Wednesday Woman's. Tonight some of the prayer cards were actually praise reports for things that we had been praying on already.

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