Thursday, October 2, 2008

Daddy Date Night

Today was a great day of study and I can't wait for Sunday. The Lord
is so good and I love digging into the word. Were still in Corinthians
and focused on the gifts of the spirit. This weekend we'll hit the
gifts that we skipped over last week and then leave Corinthians to
pick up list in Romans 12. Then the following week well wade deep
into the gifts of speaking in tongs and prophecy. Stuff we all need
to understand, new believer or mature believer... Paul said "I do not
want you to be ignorant concerning spirituals." it's important to
Paul because it's important to God, if it's important to God then it's
important to us... I also think there's some great stuff in here for
the unbeliever...

At dinner tonight Ryah asked me for a date night out of the blue. How
can a dad resist... So we finished up dinner and off we went... She
set the schedule if events for the evening and all I had to so was
follow along. First we hit Cold Stone for some ice cream. Ryah
wanted Cold Stone of my choice of Yogurtland because she said that
Cold Stone "has less sugar". I don't know if I buy that but hey, daddy
date, she's the boss. As we were eating our ice cream I began into
what I thought was some very stimulating conversation. I asked about
her friend and all that is happening at school. She told me of recess
and the other girls that she is training to catch lizards. Ryah is
always trying to catch some kind of creature... Rollie pollies,
flies, bees, spiders, lizards, you name it. As it turns out she
caught a baby lizard at recess earlier this week and it has now
become quite the craze during recess. Ryah is heading up the team and training as necessary, which seams to be a major need because as she said "none of the others guys have done it right yet".

I thought we were engaged in some good convo as I keep pitching
questions and listening to her answers until in the middle of one of
her sentences she look at me and said "Dad, can we go now? Cuz were
wasting my date time". I feel sorry for the next guy who tries to
date this girl. Shes not your typical "let's sit and chat" kind. No,
not my Ryah, she wanted go shopping... With my money!!! She grabbed my
hand and took me over to Borders and preceded to drag me around the
kids area as she carefully placed each item into some kind of wish
list hierarchy. She would say something like "dad, this is sooo cute
and did you know it's soft, I don't have one of these yet..." and then
the closer "Do you have enough money for it?" if I said sure she would
put it back and say "well let's walk around a little more and If I
don't find something better we can come back to it. That's if somebody
else doesn't take it." and off we went.. We narrowed it down to a
paint you own piggy bank, piggy bank and after she read a few books to
me we headed off to the register and on our way home... Remember
she's only in kindergarten and can't completely read yet... But let me tell ya, she can make those pictures tell stories.

Ryah is such a great kid, I love spending time with her. She loves
life and people. when we got home she told Cade that after she
decorates the pig she's giving it to her to keep her pennies in.
That's my girl, just in case Dad runs out of money to love on her,
she's got a back up plan. Always thinking, always planing....


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Carrie Marie said...

happy we got the story straight now. ;)