Thursday, October 9, 2008

Home Alone

This week Tatum had the wonderful opportunity to go with the other pastor wives from Kingsfield to the Calvary Chapel Pastors wives retreat in murietta. I love when Tatum gets the opportunity to get away and be refreshed. If anyone deserves it, it her. She works very hard and put a ton of energy into every aspect of life. She's the mom of three and the wife of me... which alone is enough to make you dizzy. Not to mention everything else she does with the church, and ministry. She absolutely rocks.

After a big kiss good buy I was left to face a few days of daddy time. but thankful she left me with a little guidance. As Tatum was saying good buy to the kids for the retreat Ryah was a little nervous and told Tatum that when shes gone dad "sometimes forgets what he's supposed to do". Amen sister, no kidding. With that in mind Tatum wrote out an extensive schedule givign me the play by play form morning to night for each day that she was gone. Talk about a crazy schedule!!! I literally had every 20 minute slot spoken for in my 14 hour day... kids up, kids dressed, flowers in hair, kids feed, lunches made, Elias to school, Ryah to school (two different times), drop off cadence, pick up Reinhardt, do a wedding, drop off Reinhardt, pick up cadence, pick up Elias, pick up Ryah, Ryah to gymnastics, Elias to piano, home to clean, home work to get done, feed kids dinner... sorry I went off on a tangent, but you get the idea. I don't kown how Tatum does it with out dropping any balls.

She came back to us Wednesday all refreshed and boy was I glad to see her. I really lucked out because the kids helped me clean up before she got there and then the by-monthly cleaners showed up and took care of the rest.

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