Monday, October 6, 2008

Sudnay thoughts.

I'm so proud of Kingsfield Church!!! In the midst of a "church at large" culture that has for the most part chosen to partake of "bible lite", the crowd at KC just digs right in and hangs right in. On Sunday we continued in our study through the book of 1 Corinthians and cover many of the enablements that God through His Spirit gives to the church. Our goal was identify the ones that resonated with each of us and then to go home and start digging through the word to find out more on that particular gift. I wrote a small booklet that would serve as a good place to start with a more in-depth study on each of the gifts and challenged the body to use it for a little home work. The folks at Kingsfield were so eager to dig in that many of them wanted to dragg their friends into the process and asked for extra booklets to take home... way to go guys! Gods word is so good and nothings better that diggin in! keep it up!

Were were blessed to have Jimmy Robeson out to lead us in worship. Jimmy has been a great friend of Tatum and I's for almost 5 years now. He is a great example of a man who loves the Lord and seeks to point others to Him. 


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