Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday in Seattle..

So Tatum and I were on our way to Kalispell Montana and had a layover in Seattle. It was supposed to be only an hour but when we found out that there was another flight at 9pm. We quickly checked to see if there was any room on it. Sure enough there were over 40 spots left and on a whim we decided to check out the infamous Seattle. The car rental was cheap and we were on our way.

First stop was downtown Pikes Place, as we were on the hunt for the original Starbucks... as a disclaimer I do have to say that I've become a huge fan of Peet's lately, but could not pass up the opportunity. It was defiantly easy to spot with the line running out the door. So in we go, order the usual manly drink ("grande hazelnut latte", with the manly part being "extra hot"), and then on with the rest of the day.

After visiting Mars Hills Church we headed down the road to meet up with two students from Kingsfield. The girls are now going to school at a Calvary Chapel Bible College extension in Seattle. Maritza and Bethany are two girls that have been in Tatum and I's life for years. Both of them were in High School ministry with us, and Bethany was actually with us when we were overseeing the Junior High ministry. It was so encouraging to hear of all that God is doing in their lives. They each a have a fire in their life for the Lord that just keeps growing and growing. I really hope that they enjoy the rest of their time in Seattle, but cant wait for them to get back home to Kingsfield and bring their fire into the work that's taking place in the OC.

We dropped the girls off at their place and then headed down to Queen Ann to hang out in a Peet's so I could spend some time absorbing the message for Fresh Life. Tatum when on a walk and after about 2 hours we headed for the airport, had dinner and jumped on a prop plane headed for Kalispell.

Tate and I really enjoyed Seattle. It has tons of personality, with great people, love the downtown vibe, and are excited to see that there are several really healthy churches preaching the word of God and reaching one of the least churched cities in the nation.

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<3 Megan said...

Yay! I am next to visit the girls in Seattle!