Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fresh LIfe Church

This Sunday I had the privilege of preaching at Fresh Life Church in Montana. Fresh Life is pastored by my good friend Levi Lusko (pronounced with an uhhhh and not an ewwww) and is being used by God in a mighty way to change lives not only in Montana but around the world with it's internet presence. (you can check out their webisite here) About 2 years ago Levi and his wife stepped out in faith and moved to Montana. Fresh
Life was born and started serving up exactly that, "fresh life". The Church recently went to two services at 9 and 11 and it looks like it's time for a 3rd. The place was literally packed out at both services. Just before 2nd service I was hanging out up front and overheard a college student on the phone with her friend say "hurry up!!! I'm trying to save you a seat but I don't know if I can." The energy before service was electric, and from beginning to end these amazing people were absorbing every minute of it. Through worship, announcements, and the message the gang was tuned in and couldn't seem to get enough.

Fresh Life Church is surrounded by a great staff who are super talented, love the Lord and His people in a big way. They are all working very hard and it's exciting to see all that the Lord is doing through their efforts. It was an honor to be with them on Sunday.

After services at Fresh Life I called the Kingsfield staff and received a great report. Pastor Armondo Garcia brought the Word and encouraged the church in a huge way.

Can't wait to be back with everyone....


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<3 Megan said...

What a great report of Montana! I can't wait to visit one day!