Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thoughts of the day...

We had another great Sunday with the church today! Every week God continues to amaze me with His goodness.

Were Continuing in our study through the book of 1st Corinthians and have moved into the section of scripture in church Paul deals with Spiritual Gifts. Today we noted that God gave Spiritual Gifts that the church would be healthy and effective in the commission that He has given her. With that in mind, it really puts things into a whole new perspective... So often, and in all good intention, we ask God to work in our churches. We ask Him to strengthen the church and make us more effective. I have to be honest... Although I completely understand, and even pray the same prayers. I have to wonder if while were asking God to Work in our churches, if while were waiting on Him, if He is in some way just patiently and graciously waiting on us.

He gave us the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the specific purpose of health and strength in the church. So as we function in those gifts we can expect that outcome... While were asking God to work, we need to realize that He is working and then simply yield the gifts He's gives us to the work He's doing around us.

People were given a chance to receive the greatest Gift, Jesus Christ, and we saw many lives added to the family today...

Sometimes I fell like I'm preaching to the choir when it come to making the call for everyone to do their part... I think our body really gets it. It seams like so many are involved in so much. Our Church seams to get so much done... I love it!!!

Church picnic #2 was great... fellowship, food, met a lot of new people, and was blown away by the participation... everything from the games to bake off... tons of fun, I love this church.

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Maryb said...

It was great to see you and Tatum again. The service was great. I pray that God continues to grow the church it was a whole new feeling. God Bless You

Mary Brucker