Friday, September 12, 2008

Day One.

the day today was spent mostly traveling.... The flight from LAX to El Salvador was about 5 hours. We took off at 2am and didn't have much time to sleep. We tried to take advantage of what little time we did have because we knew that when we landed we would have a full day of travel to the heart of Honduras... Most of us had tons of trouble trying to actually doze off, all of us that is except for Dave Day... literally 4 minutes into the plane (notice I didn't say "flight" we had not taken off at this point) Dave put on some Chuck Missler and was out cold... I'm not blaming it on Chuck, but all I have to say is wow... Dave even provided us with a little background noise from time to time..

After landing in El Salvador we had another flight into Honduras and then loaded up the vehicles to head south to "base camp"... about a 2hr drive with a stop along the way for lunch... once we got to the hotel (which is actually nice considering the surrounding location) we rested for a bit and then had dinner with some of the locals including board members for the local Growers First operation. The board includes a Pastor, a Farmer, a Politician, and an Educator. After dinner we were invited to a musical that included several of the kids from Pastor Hugo's church...

The people here are very warm and friendly. Makes me wish I would have paid attention in Spanish 101 during High School.

In the morning we have breakfast at 7:30 and then head out to one of the farms that Growers First has been investing in over the past 3 years. after 2 years of working with this farm they received their "organic certification" which allows them to generate a greater revenue stream..

More tomorrow..



Carrie Marie said...

Repeat after me -

Hola, como estas?

Maryb said...

I'm so glad you have the chance to go Chris,, but i have to tell you being a vegetarian, that fish looks gross especially since it looks like a fish :-) I am praying for you all while you are there when will you be back?

Mary Brucker