Friday, September 12, 2008

Insect Repellant… $24

We’ll in preparation for Honduras; I’ve got to say…. I have never spent more money on insect repellent in my life!!! From what we hear the mosquitoes in Honduras are pretty intense, and can make you sick. So I did a little research to find the best repellant and ended up all the way down in Santa Anna at REI purchasing what is acclaimed to be the best by many sources. It’s what they call “Jungle Juice” ~ which I liked, because from what I picture in my mind, were going to a jungle… Perfect… except for the fact that I spent $24, i hope it's worth it...

Tatum and I were praying on the way down to LAX tonight and found our hearts filled with great expectation. We really have the sense that God is going to use this time to bring about effective ministry over the years to come. The Goal for the trip is to begin working with some villages in Honduras that grow coffee beans to support themselves. Over the next several years through the efforts of Kingsfield Church and growers first, we will be a part of life transformation on several levels.

Cant wait to see what the Lord has is Store!!!


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