Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 3 in Honduras

(Didn't have the time to sit downand write tonight, it got late quick as I found myself in a great conversation with a good friend.. So, because I want to keep everyone updated on our trip i'll share with you a little something my beautiful wife wrote today... Which you may really enjoy, she has a gift for writing. ~ Chris)

Yet another great day here in Honduras! We missed everyone at Kingsfield this morning, but had a great time in the service here at Ebenezer Church. Ebenezer Church is in town, it's a great facility they just purchased in Jan. Pastor Hugo is the lead pastor. Church began at 9am with singing (some oldies but goodies from Calvary), and it was sweet they had the words up in English for us. We obviously couldn't understand the Bible Study but it was neat to see the church and how their Christian culture is.

After Church we headed off to another farming village. The drive is always so beautiful, pine trees (of all things), banana trees, coffee bean plants and just tons of green. We were going to visit a church in the village but it turns out that the pastors brother-in-law was killed in an accident yesterday on the farm so they canceled church. We ended up at the house of the pastors parents. Had an amazing time visiting with his mom, a women who has an amazing legacy. We sat and listened to her story (via translator), her husband and her have served in ministry since they were young. Starting Bible studies that turned into churches and then would move on, and on top of that she raised 12 children!!!! She was so beautiful and so sweet, and to hear of how the Lord has used her was amazing. Some of the local farmers came by and we visited with them as well. Dave told us to take a look at these faces and remember them and then when you are sipping your next cup of coffee, to pray for them. That really impacted me, I did sit there and take in each one of their faces, worn from many years of hard work and a hard life; and I will remember to pray for them as I am sipping my cup of coffee. Especially now that I have seen all the hard work that goes into each cup and the little profit that they receive from it. It would be so neat to put their pictures on coffee mugs (Carrie catch the vision...!). They took us down to where they are going to build a small plant together across from the church (none of them are believers as of yet, so much to pray for). We hiked to the top of this hill and just took in the beauty of God's creation, and then went to check out the church. The church is a very small fabricated building with wooden benches in it. We sat with the windows open and talked, birds and bugs making singing in the background, it is indescribable. After that we hiked to a waterfall, and then drove back down into the city for a prayer meeting at the church. We prayed with the youth, which was really neat. Almost all of them prayed for their families to get saved, it is very common here for children to go to church without their parents, so sad. After prayer, they had some fun laughing at our driver license pictures, I was trying to explain to one boy that I was pregnant in that picture with my first child and now I have 3, he translated it that I was currently pregnant with 3 babies and seemed very amazed, but I was able to get a translator to help straighten the story out:)! After that we walked for ice-cream and went to the central park, and then when we came back we went to our room and wa-la, they had changed our curtains, bed spread and bed skirt from purple to gold. It's amazing, where do you find that in America??? Anyways, it was a great day and I am so thankful God allowed me to come here and meet these people and try to impact them with love and encouragement the best I can.

Till tomorrow...

Tatum Norman


Carrie Marie said...

I guess you are forgiven for copying your wife for the sake of a good conversation... ;)

TRABUCOS said...

hey Chris, this is Jorge From Honduras, Eben-ezer church. This is our new blogg from our youth group, in spanish and now in english. we will keep updating.

Jorge Sosa