Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 4 and 5

So I'm trying to forget most of day 4 from Honduras.. Something I ate made me really sick and so after visiting one of my favorite villages, i spent the rest of the time in the hotel.. trying to sleep.

the village that we visited was the most "out back" of all the others... the people in the village had less than even the first ones we had visited. Yet, with out the trappings of finery, the lesson the passed on was priceless. in the midst hardly no monetary provision, somehow they find themselves connected with what really matters. They are all very family oriented and very open to the Lord... they have the ability to find their joy in the Lord and are happy with whatever He would choose to bless them with. The Christians here have deep roots in the goodness of God and will always serve as a reminder to me.... keeping in focus a godly value system based in Gods economy and not this worlds.

After sleeping in a little bit on day 5 we were up and off to the airport to head home. I can't wait to share with the body all the opportunities that await us in Honduras and we move into 2009.


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Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love Honduras. Where did you all go? I got to make 2 trips down to a little colonia near Tegucigalpa a few years back.