Friday, June 6, 2008

Study Day

I often look forward to Friday's. Tatum takes the kids out for the day and I'm able to study from the house. It's really quiet, I open the windows to let some air flow, brew some coffee, and then finish up on what I've been chewing on most of the week (message wise). This weekend were in 1st Corinthians 6 where Paul is teaching us biblical principals for "conflict resolution". As if conflict is something that we struggle with right. God knows us all to well and His word speaks so clearly to our issues... looking forward to service this weekend.

I also had some time today to look at my outlines for the next couple of studies. We're moving into a great series on marriage. Answering questions like.. Why get married, why not get married, how to be happily married and also discover together where the "bachelor to the rapture" group originated.

I had the chance to take a break at lunch and go see my son in his school play... He was a "cool cat" and trust me the kid is cool...

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Maritza said...

your kids are cool