Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Redlands Night

Tatum and I met and got married in the charming city of Redlands, Ca. We still have family and friends in Redlands and love when we get the chance to go out and visit everyone.. Today we not only had the chance to visit the family but also, thanks to my parents watching the kiddos, we were able to have ourselves a date night. So we headed downtown Redlands and walked around our old stomping grounds... It's amazing how much of our life has taken place with in only a few miles. The High School where we had our first class together, the streets we would walk/roller blade (yes we were very cool) when we were dating, the church where we had our wedding reception, our first apartment, our third apartment... and on and on. (the picture here is taken in the spot were we first danced as a married couple)

We had a great time walking and talking. We talked kids, we talked church, we talked life.. over and over again we can't help but to recognize how blessed we are as we think about all that God has done in our lives after only 10 years of marriage. When we married we committed our lives to each other and to all the Lord would have for us. We believed that God was calling into a great adventure and set sail to discover what that would be. Since then it has been nothing but the testimony of a good and gracious God working in and through imperfect vessels.

We love what God has done, and we love what God is doing. By the grace of God our kids are incredible and we're surrounded by the coolest people in the world at one of the greatest churches ever. As we talked we became more and more humbled by what God is doing in our lives and at Kingsfield... He truly is so good.

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Bethany Pee said...

gosh you guys are so stinkin cute