Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kingsfield Moving Forward >>>>

For quite sometime the leadership of Kingsfield Church had been praying about what would be next for us as a Church. While we were in the process of selling our 45 Tesla facility and moving forward on some plans to develop the larger lot of land next door God began to direct us elsewhere. We (actual a very talented architect in the church) drew up some amazing plans for a beautiful facility that on the surface seemed to make so much sense, but in the end none of us felt that the Lord was calling us to build there. Rather we sensed the Lord calling our body into a new season on ministry and moving us to place where we could more effectively fulfill the commission that He has given us. God has called us to "Go into the World and preach the Good news!" ~ Around here we like to say "Connecting People to Life in Christ!". As we sought the Lord He opened up the doors for us to meet at the Aliso Viejo Town Center in the Edward's Cinema and we jump in.


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