Saturday, November 7, 2009

Meeting in the market place...

So we've been doing Church at the Aliso Viejo Town Center for just over a month now and I think were starting to get the hang of it. It was a big challenge for us moving from a “never having to do anything to set up on Sundays” to a “now we have to do all to set up on Sundays”… honestly I was holding my breath a little on the first Sunday. Watching it all come together absolutely blew me away, Lots of hard work has gone into making it happen and it’s all so worth it.

Here’s a few of my most memorable moments from the first few weeks…

· Wondering if anyone was going to show up to our first 8:30 service and if I was going to be preaching to the staff. Relived to see that people actually get up that early and show up to church.

· Brook printing out volunteer name tags and blown away that we had to make close to 100 for the first week… You go Kingsfield, rock the volunteerism.

· Everyone heading out to lunch after the 10am’s… walking into Wahoo’s and running into so many Kingsfieldians. (were on to what your doing and are actually working toward getting those with a bulletin in hand some discounts, ya… who loves ya.)

· Meeting with some of those who were the first to gives their lives to Jesus in the theaters… Love to hear the stories and can’t wait to hear all the more to come.

· Our children’s ministry volunteer actually singing in somebody, taking down names, putting on wrist bands and walking them into children’s church only to find out that they were coming to see a move… classic, way to go guys, Jesus loved to use the element of surprise.

· The smell of popcorn after the 10am… Not a bad thing, seriously, I kind of like it and actually think that somewhere down the road when the Lord moves us on from the theaters I’ll actually kind of miss it.

· First Men’s morning fill in the interim HUB, something just felt very fresh about the whole thing. An exciting new adventure. By the way we call it the interim HUB because the real HUB is currently undergoing some construction just around the corner and won’t be completely done until sometime in December. Excited to watch that whole thing come together.

· A lady walking by our connection table on her way to a movie and signing up for SheMinistries, how cool is that?

· Meeting the many new faces that have been showing up, looking forward to watching God work in and through each one.

Keep up the good work Kingsfield, keep praying as we press on into all that God has in store.


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