Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas with the Normans

I don't know how time flies by so fast. My last post was forever ago and for that I apologize.

Lots has happened between then and now.. (I know, I'm hysterical), unfortunately way to much for me to get across in a blog update, but lets hit the basics...

Kingsfield has been great, were closing out the year strong and really excited to see what the Lord will do with 09. I always love new years. I know that nothing really changes, but still I get really charged to start thinking about what's ahead. Christmas Eve service was alot of with a great crowd out to enjoy some time together as one big family. We used the tension between Christmas almost 2000 years ago and a typical Christmas today to launch us in to our study of Isaiah 9. The Drama team helped paint the picture and did a great job, it was perfect. We'll have the service on line soon for those of you who were out of town.

The Family is doing great as well. Christmas was spent running around between families. We're grateful enough to actually enjoy spending time with our families. We're also very grateful that both sides actually only live a few miles from each other in Redlands. Today we reconstructed the house that was torn into pieces. Well really Tatum did that as I went to work assembling a bike, electric scooter, big wheel, and a mansion doll house, bigger than both my girls. Our new kitten Bella thinks it's for her.

Yes, I said kitten... I have never really thought of myself as much of a cat guy. Until my daugher started asking for one and then I happened to run across the "bengal cat". The bengal cat is supposedly more like a dog than a cat. They actually are very much about the fam, like water, hang their heads out the window while driving, can fetch, and learn tricks. Not to mention the fact that they actually look like a leopard. The one we got is 4 generations removed from the Asian Leopard and has a super cool print. Totaly safe so no worries... we did our homework first.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chris Hope your Kitten warms your hearts. Thanks for standing up as a Pastor and digging in in growing and being used by The Lord in sharing to the community His Love in His way not the ways of this world..Adam through-The Brook,Grand Terrace