Saturday, November 1, 2008

BLAST was a Blast

On Thursday the staff and some amazing volunteers began to set up for BLAST 08. The goal was set high but the team has always been the make it happen people. Besides the thousand other things that were happening, the stage was built, the map was finalized, and Jonathan was still going strong on the "Amazing Maze". He and his team had been working on it literally all week... For those of you who don't know the "amazing maze" was probably the largest cardboard box maze ever constructed. Jonathan and his team take the chairs out of the sanctuary and fill it with a crawl through maze that has all sorts of options to get lost, not to mention several layers, and slides, ect... Last but not least, what seemed to be a crazy idea from Carrie turned into actuality as Chris Reinhardt and team strung lights between our facility and the building next door at some 40+ feet in the air.

On Friday the maps were passed out early in the morning and the teams went to work turning our back parking lot into a county fair. Complete with everything from cotton candy to pony rides. The front got a little love as well and ended up having some major curb appeal. Complete with a huge projection of a video loop BLAST LOGO in space..

As 6:30 approached people began showing up and packed the place out. Music from the blues band filled the air as the smell of popcorn and BBQ completed the already very cool atmosphere. The kids ran from booth to booth and loaded up on Candy as parents tried to divide their attention between their many conversations and not losing their children. The kids seemed to have so much fun. The Amazing maze was a highlight for the older kids as they moved through endless tunnels with their glow sticks... some kids were stuck in the maze for over 30 minutes.

We had more people show up this year then ever before with well over 1000 participating over the course of the evening. I personally met many families from all over Orange County that were experiencing their first introduction to Kingsfield Church. It's my prayer that many of those who came out would join us on Sunday and find out a little more of what were all about.

God is truly doing some great things and were having tons of fun

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