Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hitting the streets...

Tonight we hit the streets for the first time this summer with some of the members of kingsfield church. I was blessed by the turnout and absolutly blown away by how the night unfolded. Tatum and I were debating whether or not people would respond well to street evangelism at the spectrum. We were shocked and even somewhat suprised by how well people responded to what we were doing. We had a majorly fruitfull night, spoke with several couples and were able to share the Lord with each of them. For the first few moments of introduction it would always be a little awkward but once you got past that, the conversations were great! It was nice to be out in our commuity sharing the Lord in a one on one setting. Tatum and I left excited about what the Lord had done that night and what opportunities awaited in the future. Thanks to all who joined us!!! And for anyone who didn't get the chance this week, there's always next. We meet Thursdays at 6:30 behind the ferris wheel. If you need child care you can drop the kind off at the church after 5:30.

Have a good 4th. See ya Sunday.

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